Congrats! You found a cheeky discount code and would like to use it on your order. Please note that some discount codes only apply to certain products, customers and can expire over time. 

TRYTEN discount code

Code TRYTEN gives first time customers 10% off their first order. That's a $32.50 discount on a Turner Watch!

This discount code is limited to first time customers only. This means if you have ever placed an order with us, you are unable to use this code. Use it wisely, as you only get to claim it once! 

If you believe you are a first time customer and you are unable to add the code yourself, contact our team. 

Add the discount code

To add the code, add items to cart and proceed to checkout. We suggest using the main checkout option and not checking out with PayPal or Google Pay. 

On the checkout screen, add the code in the top right. 

If you chose to checkout with PayPal or another payment option, you'll need to progress through every screen and add your payment details before you are given the option to add the coupon. 

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