Invites are a fun way for our members to get rewarded for recommending the Turner Watch to a friend. We like to keep our items a secret, which is why we rely heavily on our community to spread the word to their magician friends. 

How it works 

It's simple, share your secret link and when a friend orders a Turner Watch with your code, you both get $20. Your friend gets $20 off their Turner Watch order and you get $20 to spend on Essentials

What can you spend the reward on

Your friend can only use their code for $20 off The Turner Watch. You can only use your reward for $20 off Essentials items. Shop the Essentials collection here: Shop Essentials

Click here: Invite a Friend
Sign up with your email and send the link to your friends. There's no limit to how many friends you invite and how much store credit you can get. 

How to use your code 

24 hours after your friend places their order, we'll send you a coupon code with your $20 Essentials credit. Shop the Essentials collection here: Shop Essentials

When you reach the checkout, add your code. There is a minimum spend of $20 on Essentials credit. This is due to the fact that it's impossible to use the credit over multiple orders, so you are required to spend it all at once. There's no maximum spend. 

You'll receive $20 off your order at checkout. If your order totals $20, that's a 100% discount! 

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