Please do not hard reset your watch unless directed to. 

In very rare occasions, we might ask you to hard-reset your watch. It's incredibly important that you only do so on the advice of the support team or a help centre article. 

Please do not suggest other users hard reset your watch simply because it worked for you. Let them contact support and follow the advice in our help centre. 

Before you hard reset 

  1. Unpair your watch from the NKTW app via the app dashboard. 

  2. Close the NKTW app on your phone. 

  3. Go to your phones setting and forget your watch from the bluetooth list. 

How to hard reset your watch

Press down the crown for 10 seconds until the hour hand starts moving, then immediately press again for 10 seconds until the minute hand starts moving. Both hands should stop at the 12 o'clock position. (Please only do this once, and only do so if advised by a support team member. Please do not suggest this process to other Turner Watch users. Instead, please have them contact us if they believe that their watch needs to be reset.)

Restart your watch

Following a hard reset, you'll need to restart your watch. The best way to do this is to uninstall the NKTW app, when you reinstall the app it actually automatically instructs you through the activation process. 

If you do not with to uninstall the NKTW app. You will simply need to press and hold the crown for three seconds, until the hands start spinning, to activate the watch. Do this immediately before tapping "locate" in the NKTW app. 

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