Yep! That's right, we accept multiple currencies here at Nobody Knows. 

What currencies does Nobody Knows accept? 

As we ship orders from both our US and UK locations, we accept USD and GBP. 

What if I want to pay in a different currency? (Non-USD/GBP)

If you want to pay in a currency that is not USD of GBP, we recommend using PayPal checkout. If you select PayPal you can pay in your home currency and PayPal sort the conversion for you and send us the amount in USD. It's that easy. 

How do I switch between GBP and USD currencies? 

You can change the store currency at any time, simply scroll down any page to the footer. Click the dropdown arrow and select between our two currencies. 

Why do the GBP prices occasionally change? 

Please note that Nobody Knows LLC is based in California, USA. Therefore we price all our items in USD, and the GBP amounts update automatically on the store to reflect exchange rates. This means that while the GBP amount may change very slightly over time, this change is only a fair reflection of the changing exchange rates. 

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