Calculator mode is a brilliant solo mode. Be sure to watch the full tutorial and practice before performing! You can also read detailed instructions with illustrations in the NKTW app's learn section. 

Where can I learn calculator mode? 

You can watch the full tutorial at 

How do I set a force number? 

You can set a force number from the Solo: Preferences section of the NKTW app. Type in the full force number and hit set - the digits will turn green to let you know its worked. A force number is the number the calculator will force upon the spectator as the (fake) answer to the large sum. 

What is a prediction time? 

The prediction time is the time that gets sent to the watch - it will match the spectators random time. 

How to trigger the force number and prediction time? 

Is calculator mode not sending a time to the watch? Maybe calculator mode isn't working for you. A common reason is that users simply are not using a long enough sum to trigger the magic. 

We chose a specific length of sum so that the spectator can test the calculator with random sums before you begin the trick. 

You must use a sum with three multiplication to trigger the prediction time and the force number. For example: 

1 x 2 x 3 x 4 = MAGIC 

For clarity, a sum with three multiplications includes four numbers and three multiplications. Sometimes users only type in three numbers and only two multiplications. So long as you use a sum with three multiplications, the magic will automatically trigger. 

How do I peek the prediction time from calculator mode? 

To peek the confirmed prediction time, press and hold the equals. When you do this the peek will appear at the top of the screen along with a green tick to confirm the watch has received the command. 

How do I resend the time to the watch from calculator mode? 

This is easy, simple tap the equals (=) button again. Every time you tap the equals button the most recent prediction time is resent to the watch. 

How do I reset the watch in calculator mode? 

To reset the watch to normal time from Solo: Calculator mode, simply press and hold the "C" cancel button on the calculator for three seconds. You will feel a long vibrate to confirm the watch has received the command to reset. 

We hope you found this article helpful! 

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