We're happy to provide video tutorials for the majority of our products. These tutorials are located in your tutorial section.

If you're missing some or all of your tutorials, you can complete these troubleshooting steps below. 

1. Confirm your login details 

The system automatically assigns tutorials to the account that placed the order. So be sure that you are logging in with the email address you used to place your order. Confirm the email address by finding the order confirmation email in your inbox. You need to login with the same email that received the order notification. 

2. Confirm the product includes a video tutorial

Not all of our items include video tutorials. Some items, like Loops include third party video tutorials which are not hosted by us. For items like Loops you will receive the tutorial with the physical item when it arrives.

3. Contact customer support 

To speed up the process, please include this important information. 

Where did you purchase the item? Nobody Knows / another store / second-hand

If you ordered from us:
What email did you use to place your order?
What was your order number?
Which tutorial is missing?
What email would you like to use to access tutorials? 

If you ordered from another store:
What email would you like to use to access tutorials?
Which tutorial is missing?
Please attach a copy of your receipt from the store as proof of purchase. 

If you bought second-hand:
What email would you like to use to access tutorials?
Which tutorial would you like us to add?
Please attach a photo of the item next to your full name written on paper as proof of purchase. 

We will try our best to help from our end!  

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