When you first activate your watch, and from time to time, you may need to calibrate your watch. Calibrating your watch is basically setting the normal time on your watch. 

The calibration process involves telling the watch where the hands need to be to point directly up at the number twelve. From there, the watch then knows exactly where the hands need to be to point at all the other watches. It's a little like working out where north is, and then instantly knowing where south, east and west are. 

Where is the calibrate section in the NKTW app? 

It's easy, go to the watch dashboard and click "calibrate watch time." To get to the dashboard, you simply click the cog icon in the bottom left of the home screen. 

How do I calibrate my Turner Watch?

It's easy - move all the hands on the watch so that they all point up and directly at 12. When you finish doing this for all of the watch hands, exit the calibrate by tapping the exit "x." The watch will immediately reset to normal time. 

Use the green wheel for big adjustments.
Use the plus and minus buttons for small adjustments. 

My watch still shows the wrong time, what's up?

First, ensure you followed all the steps above correctly. One mistake users make, is to calibrate their watch to the current time - this is not correct. You need to calibrate your watch so that all of the watch hands point directly to 12. 

Beyond calibrating your watch. The Turner Watch pulls its "normal time" from the normal time in your phones settings. Be sure that your phone is set to the correct time for your location. On iPhone, search "date and time" in setting to find these items. 

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