How do you power your Turner Watch?

Your Turner Watch runs on a regular watch cell battery, just like any other analogue watch. We made this choice so that the watch can be more examinable, cosmetically but also in weight, and it means there's no annoying wires or charging cables. 

How to track the watch battery level?

You can track the battery level of your watch from within the app. Note that it is normal for your watch to drop one bar of power quickly as it drops below 98% full charge. 

How long can the battery last?

Depending on how often you perform, the watch battery can last up to 11-14 months without needing to be replaced. The biggest use of the battery power is sending a time to the watch. Disconnecting your watch from the phone between performances does not conserve or save battery power. The watch is designed to stay connected to your phone with minimal power use. 

How do you change/replace the watch battery?

You can replace your watch battery just like any other analogue watch. Take the battery to your local watch repair shop and keep the receipt. It's important to keep the receipt to ensure you do not void the manufacturers warranty. 

We recommend telling the shop that your watch is a special hybrid watch and connects to your phone. It's fairly simple to change the battery. 

Do not change the battery yourself, as you will most likely damage your watch and find it impossible without the specialist tools. Changing the battery yourself will void its manufacturers warranty. 

What type of battery does the Turner Watch need?

If you'd like to know which battery the Turner Watch uses: The battery is a CR2430 and can be found at almost any watch-shop. If the shop does not keep the battery on hand, they can order one online.

How do I know when I need to change my Turner Watch battery?

There are two ways to tell if you need to change the battery. 

  1. The battery icon in your NKTW dashboard is showing red. 

  2. The hands on your watch are no longer ticking, you are unable to connect and holding the crown down for ten seconds does not cause the hands to move. 

When either of the two examples above occur, please get your watch battery replaced by a professional as advised above. 

NOTE: A question mark symbol (?) inside the battery tracking icon does not mean the battery is empty. This means your app is experiencing a rare connectivity issue. More info on this question mark symbol can be found here

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